SafeAir with Gel Filter and Cold Plasma

SafeAir with gel filter and cold plasma eliminates every harmful pathogen and particles including viruses, microbes, mold, and fungus. Every hour SafeAir makes 400 000 liters air more clean.

Power requirements AC 230V, 50/60 Hz
Energy consumption Up to 75 Watts
Dimensions H 120 x W 45 x D 35 cm
Weight, Device incl. Filter 36 kg
Air delivery, incl. filters (Clean Air Delivery Rate – CADR) up to 400 000 L/h
(400 m³/h)
Effective coverage 120 m²
Noise Level 22 dB
Fan motor Ultra-quiet, with ball bearings and safety thermal overload protection
Control panel Adjustable fan speed
Body Color White
Body material Electrostatic powder coated steel
Operating temperature / humidity 5° to 40°C / 5% to 95% non-condensing
Electrical safety certification CE
System efficiency %99,9 high microorganism selectivity (virus, bacteria, yeast, mold) less than 0.10 microns
Average Filter Life 3 months
Supplied accessories Power cord with plug, user manual
Filter and disinfection Configuration
Total Number of Stages 5
Filter UGMA (Ultra Gel Microbial Air) Filter straining viruses, bacterias and other microorganisms
Cold Plasma Ion Generator Killing viruses, bad smells, and bacterias on the air. Removes cigarette smoke.
Actived carbon filter Odor and gas filter (removes Ozone from air)

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