Material: Grade-4 Titanium


Single platform:

  • Implura Weldex implants are have the single platform.
  • One size hexagonal connection for all implant diameters.


3° Locking Taper:

  • It provides a proven bacterial seal at the implant to abutment surface, virtually eliminating a micro gap bacterial inturision. It also allows for 360° of universal abutment positioning.
  • Improves exact stability and prevents micro – movement.
  • Disperses occlusal force more evenly through implant, reducing stress.


Platform Switching:

  • Disperses connection force towards center of the implant, away from bone
  • Allows for biologic width, conducting soft and hard tissues growth and reducing bone loss at osseointegrative surfaces
  • Smooth anti – bacterial platform


3° Conical hex connection:

  • Conical Hex Connection between implant and abutment interface allows tight sealing.
  • A single abutment connection is used for all implant diameters.
  • One abutment screw fits all abutments and fixture platforms.
  • One hex screw driver fits all abutments screws.


High Primary stability – double micro thread:

  • The implant design includes conical body, double micro threads and three helix cuttings.
  • Four threads with pitch of 1.10 mm , leading to less pressure and better blood circulation.
  • Micro threads increase the surface area in contact with cortical bone, primary stability.


Root Structure:

  • Horizontal and vertical forces distributed uniformly in bone by means of conical tooth rooth formation.

SLA Surface:

  • Sandblasted with Large gritt and Acid etched surface.
  • Micro mechanical fixation with high predictability and long term osseointegration.


Available Options

  6,5mm 7,5mm 8,5mm 10mm 11,5mm 13mm 15mm