Who Is Implura?

IMPLURA Medical GmbH, founded in Germany in 2017, has a high level of experience and technology in producing dental implants and intermediate components worldwide, using the new implant system to design and the quality of German engineering the dental implant system, which is planned to produce by combining with, aims to implement a seamless, high quality and long lasting implant system in the physician, clinic and patient triangle. While aiming to become a global brand, ensuring that the relevant legislation and regulations are held in the foreground is indispensable for the realization of this objective.

By keeping up with developing technologies and systems and ensuring the efficient operation of the personnel in production, we are working with the idea of increasing the position of our company in the upper rows of the sector even higher in favor of the customer.

Our basic principle is to make every effort to maintain and improve the working environment, conditions and quality management system in the production phase, and to continue to work to create better conditions without satisfaction in this regard.

By taking short and long-term rational and honest policies, we take into account the prestige and history of our company in order to maintain the stable, economic and dynamic structure of the company and to increase the wide sense of trust given to us on behalf of our company.

Our company has adopted the principle of rigorousness that it has shown in its manufacture for the suppliers of goods procured domestically or from abroad that are necessary for manufacturing. Our company always adopts the principle of doing business with suppliers who supply high quality goods at reasonable prices and which are in compliance with the standards and continuously search for better quality suppliers.

It is our principle to develop and make new investments by prioritizing human health and satisfaction before profitability while rapidly adjusting to new and fast developing technology. Our general policy is to maintain our position within the market and to increase our efficiency in this matter.